As a service and BPO provider Beehive Hospitality is well aware of the responsibilities and intricacies that ensue from service outsourcing relationships.

It is therefore the Company's - Ownership, Management and Associates - commitment to fully subscribe and rely on its key values:

Customer Engagement

Full Stack Modular Reservations Services

Reservation Services are undeoubtedly a critical pelayer for the success and profitability for a hotel. It is therefore very sensitive when it is discussed in the context of BPO. It requires a substantial degree of trust of the hotelier in the professionalism and effectiveness of their BPO partner, as well as the ability of the BPO partner to understand the intricate specifics of the service in the context of independent hotel. It carries process bound as well as technological challenges in its set-up – internal hotel specific reorganization, and connectivity complexities.

The mention of full stack implies that this service can take on every single aspect of the reservations process – from the initial guest contact all the way through to handing the reservation to the operations team at the front desk, ready to welcome the guest and provide them with the excellent service each hotelier is aiming to provide.

Supplemental or fully outsourced reservations team? Here is the solution - the modularity of the services also means that hotels, in need of parts of the stack can pick and choose the best integration of the services in their existing structures.

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Sentiment Management Service

The service is designed to answer all the pain points a hotel will experience while having to deal with its on-line reputation presence.

This solution works on three levels:
Direct engagement: the service will solicit the guests to express their experience at the hotel during and after their stay. Where service recovery is needed the service manager will ensure full satisfaction from both sides, those guests who were happy will be requested to post their experience on-line on their favourite channel, thus gaining positive positioning weight for the hotel;
Direct response: the service will review up to 24 channels which the hotel can be rated on, prepare a response and have the hotel approve it, then – if the hotel wishes so, the service will also post the approved responses. In cases where further investigation is required, the service leads and manages the investigation in conjunction with the hotel;
Service and Product Quality Assurance: the service, represented by the hotel's dedicated service manager will devise in full cooperation and engagement of the hotel activity schedule to address issues raised by guests (collected through Direct Engagement or retrieved from Direct Response or reported by the hotel). These activity schedules will be managed by the Beehive Hospitality's dedicated service manager to ensure that the hotel fully benefits from the already agreed changes.

The Sentiment Management Services offer an outsourced (BPO) guest relation service. The clients are provided with three-tier support delivering overall improved Reputation positioning, consistent guest service and delivered quality for the duration of their guests' stay. This service is not just technology – it is hospitality professionals managing the technology to achive the desired results. The support delivered to each hotel works on operation's level as much as it does on general management and strategic level, affecting not only top level revenue by encouraging sales but also efficiencies to OPEX, CAPEX and budgets.

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Merchandising and Distribution Management

The Marketing Strategy and Operations team at Beehive Hospitality is primed to deliver impactful presence for your hotel. With an integrated approach to positioning, the team will place your property on the map and will make it a desirable object for travellers in your market. Building and attracting demand into the property while ensuring that the demand will be collected at the right price and the right time for optimized and market leading placement.

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Take Advantage of Every Customer Interaction to Build a Relationship

Are you making the most of every online touch point while building relationships with potential guests? Beehive Hospitality CRM solution works with you to maximize the effectiveness of your sales efforts through communications by leveraging the tools you already have at your disposal including: customer databases, reservation confirmation emails, email marketing and social media marketing.

Our guest relations management team will help you maintain and maximize the stay experience at your hotel. We'll ensure that all touch points are personalized, relevant and timely. And, as with all of our programs, our tools will help manage the process and track the results.

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Voice Services (multilingual)

Beehive Hospitality offers a full service, global call centre solution to meet the needs of any independent hotel property or small to medium chain. Our skilled staff act as an extension of your sales team. The service focuses on improved conversions and revenue per reservation. Our training program is extensive including product training, sales and exceptional customer service. The result for our customers is increased conversion rates and satisfied guests.

Our Voice Services Offices are based in Europe, providing ideal access for property and destination familiarization, cultural identity with our customers while affording cost effective solutions.

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Sales Support

In conjunction with the CRM function Beehive Hospitality is providing Sales support for its customers. The multilingual and multicultured team is trained in sales follow up of Group Contracts as well as Corporate contracting. Each member of the team is skilled in Account Management practices to maintain relationship and administrative support functions for the busy field sales team. This function allows our customers to reduce the sales-ineffective admin time and increase ROI from the field sales force.

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Business Analytics

Financial measurement

Beehive Hospitality financial team is trained and able to direct its customers in collecting, presenting and analyzing key business performance indicators. This ultimately leads to better capital keeping and planned asset management.

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Guest Satisfaction

In team with one of the market leading providers of sentiment measurement Beehive Hospitality is able to provide up-to-the-minute analysis of the perceptual positioning of its customers. Building on such knowledge the team's experts will build tangible and actionable activity plan which the customer can follow in improving their market positioning and drive higher RevPAR.

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Demand Analysis

With substantial revenue and demand analysis experience from all over the world the team of distribution experts in Beehive Hospitality utilize Customer specific data to report in detail, track, analyze and propose profit optimization actions.

Staff satisfaction

The Hospitality business is a business of people - people providing best service for other people. The experience of a guest in a hospitality business remembers more the way they were treated than the colour of the window curtain. This makes the satisfaction of the staff working in a hospitality operation directly connected to the satisfaction of the guests, and as such a very important element to keep a track of and maintain in high levels. Beehive Hospitality offers to its clients the ability to measure staff satisfaction and work with the Client to build actionable plan to address and improve elements of that

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Operations On-site Support

Recruit, train and integrate

Beehive Hospitality loves to share its experience in recruitment and training with its customers. If you have the need for professional, presentable, high quality staff, the Staff Supply service is the right option for your hotel. Beehive Hospitality will deliver human resource to cover your front office and management needs at costs you cannot refuse.

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