Our team is a mix of hotel owners and consultants who have experienced work in International chains and opened successful independent hotels all over the world.


We provide the professional, hands-on management and operational experience. Backed with our sophisticated propitiatory tools we deliver maximized client profitability and improve asset value.


We share the belief and experience that a happy team provides superior service. Our team building process is looking for colleagues who can smile easily and like to spend time with friends at work.

We all like what we do – and we do it because we like it: Spending a substantial amount of time at work and not being happy is wasted time – so we believe that the time at work needs to be that of quality.


Voice and Data Agent

The successful candidate will join our hive and will have the ability to communicate on several languages. Will be flexible in their time schedule and willing to work evenings, mornings (even nights) - during week days as well as weekends. The work is done in our offices in Sofia, Bulgaria, however light travel may be involved during the term of engagement. The work entails communicaiton with customers, accepting hotel stay reservations, updating electronic reservations in the hotel's reservations system and quality check the work done. All statutory social and work requirements are observed and the team strives to make it a joyful and easy to work environment - so the candidate will be expected to join in and enjoy the work in the office.


Beehive Hospitality believes that happy people deliver great service. We would love to speak to you in person. Please provide us with your name, contact number and email address, and do let us have your latest CV, alongside a time and date which you would like to take a tour at our offices.

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