Our team is a mix of hotel owners and consultants who have experienced work in International chains and opened successful independent hotels all over the world.


We provide the professional, hands-on management and operational experience. Backed with our sophisticated propitiatory tools we deliver maximized client profitability and improve asset value.


We share the belief and experience that a happy team provides superior service. Our team building process is looking for colleagues who can smile easily and like to spend time with friends at work.

We all like what we do – and we do it because we like it:
Spending a substantial amount of time at work and not being happy is wasted time – so we believe that the time at work needs to be that of quality.

Vladimir Martinov
Principal, Beehive Hospitality Ltd

Managed Support Services (BPO) for Independent Hotels, Small Chains, Ownership Groups and Asset Managers

With European flavour!

About Beehive Hospitality

The incepting idea of Beehive Hospitality is the need independent hospitality asset owners and operators have to access high quality, professional back-office support in on-line presence, reputation management, product distribution and pricing and reservations operations so they can maximize their profitability and provide the consistent service to their guests they all strive to.

The company is built by a team of asset managers, operators and professionals from the hospitality and retail business – bringing a complete professional experience to the service of independent hotels and chains.

Its core values: Fairness, Openness, Professionalism, Honesty, Client Value Add, Responsibility, Friendly Service, are the foundations of all its services. These values are the essential fabric that makes up the firm's relations and attitude to its clients, suppliers and own staff alike.

A short history

Beehive Hospitality began its existence in September 2013 with a team of six professionals led by Vladimir Martinov as the principal behind the quality, value and products. Soon the company was already providing a fully outsourced reservations service to six independent hotels in Brussels, Belgium.

In March 2014 Ms Julieta Brandao – an experienced veteran from a widely mixed management and services background in hotels, catering in Germany, Austria and the UK and fashion retail with her own fashion brand in the UK, joined the team to take on the operational development of the team. Under her direction, the team grew to 20 strong. The reservations product grew to a confident level of up to 50% reservations conversions from the telephone sales in French and English languages. The team is confidently managing daily at an average of 40 extra-nets per hotel, numerous specific corporate and wholesale contracts per hotel and ensuring that all reservations entered in the PMS are actual, cleaned and accurately prepared for service delivery at the Front Desk and subsequent billing. Alongside the transient reservations, the team also took on group desk functions, with quotation, follow-up and conversion functions. The group desk delivered a 5% increase in conversion for its hotels in the first quarter of its operation, and is consistently outperforming its own service.

April 2015 marked the launch of Beehive Hospitality's new product – Sentiment Management. The product is designed to operationally help hotels manage their on-line reputation, by executing the necessary tasks and guiding the hotels along the path of on-line reputation positioning. Within the first six months of the service launch the subscribed hotels gained up to 0.4 of 10 positioning on channels like Booking.com and TripAdvisor.com with as much as single digit increments (1 in 5). Such results showed not only as position but also as direct guest satisfaction at the hotels. In January 2016 the team has recently introduced intra-stay guest satisfaction option with bespoke design “We care” cards at the front desk. The success of the product is now experienced by seven properties spread across Europe – from hostels through to four star hotels, and have those double by May 2016.

September 2016 saw the spawning of Operational and Strategic Revenue Management opening with clients in key markets like London, Berlin and Rome. The service includes over 20 years of combined strategic and operational experience in pricing, distribution, technology and marketing now reliably accessible to independent hotels as well as small chains and asset managers.

September 2017 the company reached the number of managed rooms to 2000 across all of its products.

The vision

Beehive Hospitality is looking into a future with numerous partners – defining itself as the leading outsourcing service provider for independent hotels, asset managers and hotel chains. A team led by Mr. Martinov and Ms. Brandao, eager as ever to provide its high-quality, professional and tailored services matched to hotels with individuality and flair for hospitality. Remaining to be a high quality service based in Europe while offering reasonable pricing thus delivering unbeatable value and sustained profitanbility.