• Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients!
  • We will show you the way to success!
  • Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients!

Business Analytics

Beehive Hospitality financial team is trained and able to direct its customers in collecting, presenting and analyzing key business performance indicators. This ultimately leads to better capital keeping and planned asset management.

Customer Engagement

Are you making the most of every online touch point while building relationships with potential guests? Beehive Hospitality CRM solution works with you to maximize the effectiveness of your sales efforts through communications by leveraging the tools you already have at your disposal including: customer databases, reservation confirmation emails, email marketing and social media marketing.

Internship Programme

Beehive Hospitality loves to share its experience in recruitment and training with its customers. If you have the need for professional, presentable, high quality staff, the Staff Supply service is the right option for your hotel. Beehive Hospitality will deliver human resource to cover your front office and management needs at costs you cannot refuse.

About Beehive Hospitality

The incepting idea of Beehive Hospitality is the need independent hospitality asset owners and operators have to access high quality, professional back-office support in on-line presence, reputation management, product distribution and pricing and reservations operations so they can maximize their profitability and provide the consistent service to their guests they all strive to.

The company is built by a team of asset managers, operators and professionals from the hospitality and retail business – bringing a complete professional experience to the service of independent hotels and chains.

Its core values: Fairness, Openness, Professionalism, Honesty, Client Value Add, Responsibility, Friendly Service, are the foundations of all its services. These values are the essential fabric that makes up the firm's relations and attitude to its clients, suppliers and own staff alike.

Contact Info

Beehive Hospitality LTD

Rue Capouillet 50/28, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
phone: +32 2 537 0779

Profesor G Bradistilov 6, office 3.1
Sofia, Bulgaria
phone: +359 2 439 1569

E-mail: services@beehive-hospitality.com

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